Jewelry photography is immensely tricky. You need to pay heed to a lot of factors while doing it. One of the most important factors is finding the best photography background. A perfect background can change your entire game. Thus, you need to know a lot of things related to the jewelry backdrop.

Keep reading to learn about Jewelry backdrop ideas in detail so that your products look picture-perfect!

Why are backgrounds important in jewelry photography?

Best jewelry shoot ideas come when there’s a good background. A well-crafted background can increase the quality of photography. That’s why a proper background for jewelry photos is extremely important.

In the absence of a background, a lot of loopholes can be noticed. Here are the core importance of backdrops in jewelry photography.

Too Many Reflections

When you add reflections or shadow effects in a picture, a symmetry is created. It helps to improve the composition. However, you can add a few features to enhance the beauty of photography and make it realistic.

Mirror reflection: Realistic product reflection makes it look artistic.

Drop shadow: Drop shadow sketches the illusion that a shadow is beneath the object.

Natural Shadow: Natural shadow will align with the setup of lighting in the real world so that your photography takes a realistic approach.

Distracting with too many props

If you don’t use a proper background, a lot of unwanted objects will appear in the background. As a result, your jewelry will look unorganized. The props will distract the viewers. That’s why you should add a background.

Attractive Background

An attractive background will enhance the value of your product. When the pieces of jewelry look appealing, people tend to buy them more. So, it is important to select a well-designed and eye-catching background.

The Product Grabs Attention

When the jewelry background images are engaging with the product, it automatically brings the attention of viewers. It not only boosts sales but also increases the engagement of customers in your brand.

Best light box for jewelry photography

10 Best background ideas for jewelry photography

While choosing background images for jewelry, you should know about the variations in the background. Only then you can find the best background for your jewelry. We have listed down the 10 best background ideas for jewelry.

1. White background

Plain white is one of the best backgrounds for photography of jewelry. It always highlights the true colors of your ornaments. It pays attention to details. To make your background white, you should take professional and experienced background removal services. To enhance the look, you can also use the following features.

  • Mirror Reflection: Mirror reflection on a white background focuses on each detail by flaunting the beauty.
  • Drop Shadow: When you use a drop shadow on a white background, the focus of the viewer remains only on your product.
  • Natural Shadow: When the natural shadow is placed on a white background, the product becomes the eye candy of the whole photograph.

Tivol Jewelry utilized a white background for their photography.

2. Jewelry mannequin

If you do photography on a jewelry stand mannequin, it will look straighter. Again, when you remove the jewelry display mannequin, the picture will look nicer.

To do this, you can opt for mannequin removal services which will cost around 0.60 dollars to 1.20 dollars. You can contact such service providers to have top-notch service.

3. Black Background

A plain black background creates contrast in photography. When jewelry on a black background is kept, it creates drama and grabs everyone’s attention.

4. Gray backdrop

Gray backdrop photography gives an elegant touch to your jewelry. The gray backdrop for photography is neutral, so the focus remains on your jewelry only.

5. Modeling Jewellery shoot

Jewelry model photoshoots have had high popularity from the beginning. When a model wears jewelry, they act as an unparalleled background for the jewelry. It elevates the true essence of the product.

6. Textured Backdrop

A textured backdrop adds depth to your jewelry photography. In this background, jewelry creates dimension. Thus, the visual quality of the background remains top-notch.

7. Blue gradient background

Blue gradient jewelry background becomes lighter from darker colors. Thus, the background gives an eye-soothing effect to the viewers. This color background photography is often done to get earrings wallpaper.

8. Brand Theme Background

Your brand identity can be used as a background for jewelry photos. You can use your logo, color theme, and other souvenirs of your brand to create a background. This will establish your unique brand Identity.

9. Bokeh Backdrop

It is an out-of-focus backdrop. You need a fast lens to make this. In this backdrop, the background is blurred. Thus, the only attention comes to the jewelry.

10. Colorful background

Pictures of jewelry become interesting because of the colorful background. When you use a splash of colors behind jewelry, your photograph automatically stands out and becomes trendy.

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Perfect Your Background through Post-Production Service

All sorts of jewelry photography ideas require a good background. You can always opt for post-production services to perfect your background. Follow the steps!

Add Jewelry Reflection

Jewelry reflection is one of the most challenging tasks of post-production service. The more natural the reflection is, the more captivating the photo is. Reflective jewelry makes the photography of jewelry captivating. However, you need to add jewelry reflection in the background with utmost efficiency.


If it is not blended properly with the background, it will look artificial. The value of the image will reduce. So, focus on each detail of reflection while adding.

Creating a Natural shadow

Natural Shadow on the background will give realism to your jewelry pictures. This technique works with lighting and gives a three-dimensional. In the case of gold jewelry photography, this is a well-known method. The subtle shadow increases the visual appeal.


If the shadow looks natural, the contour of different parts of the jewelry is enhanced. When a natural shadow is placed efficiently in the background, it becomes easier for the viewers to imagine as it looks realistic.

Camera or Light Reflection Retouch

When you do photography of jewelry, different types of reflection may fall in the background from gemstones, metals, zircon stones, and whatnot. As a result, the entire jewelry photoshoot, background particularly, may look inefficient. That’s why you need to remove light glare, glass glare, flash glare, and other reflections if there are any.

In the case of photography of earrings, background retouch is more critical as the chances of reflection are higher. So, it is suggested to use a light reflection retouch. This feature will remove all the unwanted reflections.

Camera Raw Editing or Color Correction

Color correction service makes the jewelry product photography look clean. The raw editing ensures that the background looks real and natural. If your jewelry looks comparatively dull in your background, you can color-correct the background so that it matches your jewelry.

The jewelry background needs the perfect balance of color. That’s why it is very important to know about Camera raw editing. The jewelry will look odd if the background doesn’t complement it.


Verdict: Now you have the basic idea regarding jewelry backdrops. It is an essential part of the jewelry photoshoot. Choose the background that blends with your products and increases its beauty. Use the post-production services precisely. You will get the perfect results!
Hopefully, this guide on jewelry backdrop ideas has helped you! 


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