The importance of lighting boxes is immense in jewelry photography. The light in the box used in photography enhances the subject matter of the photo. As a result, the jewelry stands out.

The photo light box helps to accentuate the minute detail of the jewelry. That’s why, you need to know about the best lighting boxes in the market.

Keep reading to learn more about the best light box for jewelry photography!

What are the Advantages of using a light box for jewelry photography?

If you use a light box for jewelry photography, you will get a lot of advantages. Give it a look!

i. Appropriate Illumination:

Lightboxes adjust the diffused and even lighting according to your requirements. Thus, the quality of the photo increases.

ii. Controlling natural shadow:

Lightboxes minimize the natural shadow. It also regulates drop shadows. Hence, the subject matter of the jewelry is highlighted.

iii. Focus on the subject:

A perfect Lightbox helps to focus on a subject. As a result, the attention goes to the fine details. Absolute win-win!

iv. Uncluttered background

If you don’t like the original background of your jewelry, you can adjust it or customize it with a light box. The uncluttered background makes your photo and jewelry look clean and fine.

V. Reduces requirement for technical proficiency

Lightbox is easily accessible to beginners. You don’t need to be a tech geek to use it. Even, the experts also use it.

Best light box for jewelry photography

Light box market are saturated that may fall you in dilemma in choosing the perfect one. That’s why based on existing customers experience and our own research, we have shortlisted here the top most light boxes for your jewelry photography! 

1. FOSITAN Photo Light Box 24”X24”X24”

FOSITAN Photo Light is of high quality. Besides, it is made of extremely convenient designs. However, the cherry on top is it costs only $98.

Key Features

  • Fositan photo light box has 6 colors of PVC background papers.
  • This lightbox comes in two sizes
  • It has adjustable dimming and soft light
  • This light box for photos is portable
  • It has convenient LED lights
  • Multiple shooting angles are available

✅ Easy to set up

✅ Comparatively Flexible

✅ Easily Portable

✅ You’ll get additional accessories


Only black color is available

2. NEEWER Photo Studio Light Box, 20” x 20

Neewer Photo Studio light box is a portable lightbox. You can showcase and do photography in 4 different colors with adjustable brightness. Hence, the price is $99 and $69 depending on the sizes!

Key Features

  • The Neewer light box features 80 LEDs, along with 6000-6500K color temperature.
  • This photo studio lightbox is foldable, sleek, and is of portable design.
  • It has LED lights
  • This lightbox comes with adjustable brightness
  • It has diversified Shooting Angles
  • Neewer photo studio light box 20 inches is small yet effective

✅ Available in sizes

✅ Easy setup lightbox

✅ Four backdrops

✅ Diffused and even lighting

✅ Diffusion Cloth

✅ Reflective lighting


Voltage and Outlet differ

Requires an adapter internationally

3. Amazon Basics Portable Foldable Photo Studio Box

Amazon Basics Portable Foldable Photo Studio Box provides extraordinary facilities. So, you should give it a shot! The surprising fact is it will cost you only $119.59!


Key Features

  • The dimensions of this box are 25″D x 25″ W x 30″H
  • Light positioning is optimum.
  • It has durable, thin, and portable cases.
  • This product features 3 doored-system maximizing image angles.
  • It is user-friendly.

✅ Has LED lights.

✅ High built-in brightness

✅ Assembly is not required

✅ Fits different sizes of products


An adaptor or Converter is required in a few cases

4. Glendan Portable Photo Studio Light Box,12″x12″

For jewelry photography, the light box of Gledan is unparalleled. That’s why Polyvinyl Chloride is used to make it. The price starts from $36.99!


Key Features

  • Gledan Lightbox has high CRI and step-less dimming
  • It comes in various sizes
  • This light box has multiple shooting angles
  • This light box photography features a diverse range of colorful backdrops
  • It is portable.

✅ Easy Assembly

✅ Lifetime customer service

✅ Can be used for advanced photography

✅ Adjustable lights


No guarantee

5. Foldio3 + Halo Bar + Foldio360

Foldio3 is ideal for lightbox photography. Stay assured of its quality and sustainability.


Key Features

  • The product dimension is ‎ 60.96 x 60.96 x 55.88 cm
  • It is portable and foldable
  • The weight is about 1 kg 360 gram
  • It has halo bars and lightening kits

✅ Magnetic structure

✅ Additional Dimmable LED Light Bars

✅ Easy to set up


No adjustment of backdrops

6. Goottan Photo Studio Light Box, 12″x12″

Goottan Photo Studio Light Box is one of the top-notch photography lighting boxes.


Key Features

  • This jewelry light box is portable
  • It is available in 4 colors Jewelry Backdrop
  • The assembling system is easy
  • This lightbox features multi-angle shooting
  • It has LED lights

✅ 6 Backdrops

✅ High CRI

✅ Ring light features


Offers no guarantee

7. Fotodiox Pro LED 24×24 Studio jewelry lighting box

Fotodix Lightbox is an astounding lightbox. That’s because it has LED lights, a tent, a case and whatnot. Hence, the price is only $109.95!


Key Features

  • This product photography light box has a diffusion panel
  • It has 4 backdrops
  • This lightbox for photography can be converted into a self-contained carrying case
  • It has integrated dimmable LED Lights

✅ 24 months warranty

✅ Spacious Work Space

✅ Compact in size


No colorful LED lights

8. LimoStudio 16″ x 16″

The lime studio lightbox is perfect for tabletop photography indeed. It gives the benefits of a camera tripod.


Key Features

  • Lime Studio’s lights are portable
  • The wattage is 75
  • The dimension of limo studio lights is 44.45 x 9.4 x 45.09 cm
  • It has a colored lens

✅ Has camera tripods

✅ Appropriate for tabletop photography

✅ Has light kits


No backdrop options

9. Puluz Small Light Box with 12 Colors Backdrops
Puluz Light Box, the jewelry photoshoot expert, is a small bomb. It has a good range of features in a small size.

Key Features

  • Puluz lightbox’s size is 25X25X25cm
  • It is portable
  • This product has amazing light gathering and brightness effect
  • It has a unique fold storage design
  • The weight is 860-gram

✅ USB charging port

✅ Portable shoot-light tent box

✅ CRI95 Color temperature

✅ 6 adjustable color backdrops


Its material is paper

10. Emart Photo LightBox for Jewelry photography

This product by Emart is a photo studio tent. You can use it in multipurpose.


Key Features

  • This photo studio box has LED lights
  • The product dimension is ‎ 40 x 34 x 36 cm
  • Its weight is ‎only 1 kg 480 grams

✅ Portable Light Box

✅ Has USB


Comes with only one color

Considerations when purchasing a light box for jewelry photography

You have to keep a lot of factors in mind while purchasing a light box for jewelry photography. Otherwise, you may have to regret it. Check this out!

  1. Size of light box:- According to the structure of the jewelry and its gemstone, light box sizes depend. For small chunky jewelry, you need a small light box.
  2. Adjustable Background Options:- The background of the lightbox should be adjustable. It’s not wise to buy a light box with a fixed background option.
  3. Power supply:- Check whether the requirement of a studio light box matches the power supply of your country. If not, your money will be wasted!
  4. Portability and case of setup:- Portable and different cases set up will save you time and energy. That’s why, it should be kept in mind.
  5. Budget:- Photography boxes come in various ranges. Choose one of the best quality that meets your budget.
  6. Lighting Options:- You need a good setting of light for a jewelry photoshoot. While buying, you should choose the one that has various lighting options.
  7. Shooting angles:- Jewelry photography focuses on angles. So, your lightbox should be such that you can shoot from different angles.
  8. Accessories:- Generally light boxes have accessories that are found in tech shops. Give it a look whether the accessories is easily found or not.
  9. Built-in lighting:- Lightbox jewelry photography is tricky. That’s why, built-in lighting boxes are preferable.
  10. Power Adapter:- There are a few boxes that do not work internationally without a power adapter. Hence, keep it in consideration.

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What is the procedure for utilizing a lightbox when a jewelry photoshoot?

The procedure for utilizing a lightbox at the time of a jewelry photoshoot is super easy. Go through the process.

  • Proper positioning:- You have to set the lightbox in a good position. Thus, you will get the best results.
  • Experimenting with lighting angles:- Appropriate lighting angles make your pictures’ subject pop up. That’s why, you should always experiment with angles.
  • Utilize accessories like Reflection and Shadow:- When you utilize accessories like reflection and shadow during jewelry photoshoots, the beauty elevates. Hence, it is highly recommended.
  • Post-processing:- Post-processing is the most significant part. That’s why, do it perfectly for utilizing the lightbox in the best possible manner.


For professional jewelry photography, there is no alternative to a perfect light boxes. Lightbox photos are extremely beautiful. That’s why, you should buy the best photo light box available in the market.

However, we have listed down the best light boxes for you. We know jewelry photography lighting is tricky. That’s why it is highly recommended to use a lightbox for jewelry photoshoots.

Hopefully, this guide on the best light box for jewelry photography has helped you!


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