High Quality hair masking services to US-based studio photographer


We are in the latest age of technology where photography plays an important role. It is highly important in the realm of professional photography, especially studio photography. And achieving the perfect image often requires meticulous post-production activities.

One of the most challenging aspects of this process is none other than hair masking. This delicate process requires precision and expertise, so that it can separate intricate hair details from the background and ensure a natural and flawless result. Be it for fashion photography, advertising, or personal projects, professional hair masking enhances image clarity and detail. It mostly elevates the overall aesthetic appeal.

Now, I will share a case where I had rendered a professional support to a US-based client of mine. The client outsourced my hair masking service to enhance the overall quality of the images aligned with aesthetic appeal and saving time.


What the client was looking for:-

Our Client:-

In a nutshell, my client was based on Los Angeles and provided photography services to the e-Commerce outlets of his region. The client wanted to deliver the best possible photography services to his clients.

Client Aim:-

The client aimed to deliver the flawless images to meet the requirements of his clients who dealt in e-Commerce business.
And no doubt, flawless images play a crucial role in manipulating the perception and decision of the intended audiences. So, my client tried to provide a sense of highly professional image delivery. The clients of my LA client hired him for high-end Hair masking services.

Client Started Journey:- 

My LA client used to provide model product images in different ways to get attracted by the potential population. And here lied the importance of post-production service.

Why did the client choose another outsourced post-production service?

So, my client required a suitable professional image masking service provider. Earlier, he used to get the same service from a local agency. Unfortunately, the agency failed to comply with the terms and conditions of my client.

Most of the cases, the agency made delay in delivering the edited images. And this caused immense damage to the reputation of my client, while he started losing some of his business prospect.

Client Requirements:-

After a detailed discussion, my LA-based client started relying on me. He assigned with a couple of sample tasks like creating masks of the subjects and return layered PSD or TIFF files.

He also instructed the masks should be of high quality (including the hair). Without high quality, it is not possible to place the subject on any other suitable background required for the project completion.
He also instructed the background should be light gray. But there should be option to change the background color.

The challenges:-
    • Well. It was a groundbreaking project for me and my editing team because it was highly challenging. First of all, the volume of image was beyond my thoughts.
    • My client asked me to deliver nearly 1500 flawless images a day. In fact, the images needed to be perfect and should fit in any background.
    • Besides, the images also needed some basic photo editing services like clipping path, white background, image cropping. Often, I had to perform the transparent background on the images to meet the client requirement.
    • Moreover, there were some invisible rules—the images should be of high quality, less turnaround time and meeting the deadlines.
    • The usual turnaround time for 750 images was around 12 hours for us. Indeed, this is a great barrier when you are performing something creative. If you fail to meet the deadline, you have to lose the client. Also, you need perfections in each of the images.
    • Besides, formatting of the images in the required format was also a challenge. The client asked for psd or tiff formats. But the client sent the images in jpg format. So, conversion of each image in the designated format was a challenge that need mention here.

Our Strategies:-

Considering the urgency and requirements of the clients, we had set a specific strategy to deal with the image editing.

     ✔️ We had designated a group of highly skilled image editors for the editing

    ✔️ We had set a time-frame for each of the image editing

    ✔️ We had especially focused on images like Model hair 

    ✔️ Aligned with the regular editing, we performed some basic editing to make the images look brighter and professional

    ✔️ We engaged a quality monitoring officer to thoroughly check each of the images 

    ✔️ Before dispatching the images to our client, we crosschecked the images to find any faults or issues

The Outcomes:-

Our dedication and detailed-oriented image editing resulted in an unexpected success. We delivered all the images in due time which made our client truly delighted. In fact, the client was least expecting the edited images. Almost all the images underwent the hair masking service in a short time-frame. And to be honest, it was a tough call for us to meet the deadline without compromising the quality. The client expressed his happiness and awarded his next projects without a second thought. He also cleared the payments smartly with some extras to inspire us.

We are glad to uphold our commitment to the client. And since then, we are working together for the past few years.
Benefits of outsourcing hair masking service from us:-

Be you are a small retailer or a large conglomerate, you can outsource hair masking or any other photo editing services. This is an excellent way to enhance your business and raise your visibility amid your competitors.

For the following reasons, you should hire hair masking service:

  • To save your time
  • For quick turnaround
  • Perfection
  • Detail-oriented image editing
  • Saves your bucks
  • Quick revision


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