Build Your Team

For a Fixed Monthly Salary

Hire your dedicated Professional Image retoucher at just $2 per hour, available 24/7. Save 80% on costs and 300% on time every business day.

Infrastructure & Management

Establishing an internal post-production team is time-consuming and expensive. Partnering with us provides you with the essential infrastructure, resources, and efficient project management, allowing you to swiftly accomplish your tasks with your preferred team without any concerns.

Cost-Effective & Time Saving

We understand the significance of timely task completion for you. Eliminate concerns about time zones and turnaround. Receive your work whenever you need it with our 24/7/365 round-the-clock service. Give it a try!


Freelancer Vs. Our Team

Reduce your opportunity costs and streamline project operational expenses by entrusting management to us. Experience 100% efficiency and infrastructure support, enabling seamless work. You’re not just hiring freelancers; you’re gaining access to a dedicated team of professionals.

Do you think about How to monitor your Assign Team And How to Solve Complex Tasks?

Our management team and production team will monitor the work of your team members. Any complex task will be resolved by our 110+ team members along with your assigned team member.

Our management and production teams will oversee the work of your team members. Any challenging tasks will be addressed collaboratively by our 110+ team members in conjunction with your assigned team member.

Also If you’re interested in taking on a management role, we can utilize remote team management software and tracking tools. This software enables you to monitor daily and weekly working hours, track project involvement, and assess overall work activity.

Plans & Pricing

Select from our comprehensive exclusive packages listed below, or if you prefer, schedule a call with us for a discussion.


Full Time $16/Day



Basic Skills Included

Priced at just $2 per hour, this package covers the fundamental aspects of your retouching needs. Ideal for retouching and photography agencies handling bulk path projects.


Clipping path


Shadow Creation


Web Optimization


Background Removal


Add Any Background


Image Masking Service


Full Time $32/Day



Including Basic Skills+

This is for editorial, fashion, e-commerce owners, retail stores, and product photography agencies prioritizing precise product presentations to enhance buyer intent. Prices begin at just $4 per hour.


Color Change


Basic Dust Clean


Multi Clipping Path


Jewelry Retouching


Symmetric Mannequin


Studio Floor Retouching


Full Time $60/Day



Everything in Pro+

Expert retouchers with high proficiency will handle your image editing tasks, from the simplest to the most complex, requiring advanced retouching expertise, all for just $7.5 per hour. This package is designed for those who are recognized for their perfection.


High-end Retouching


Body Retouching


Model Retouching


Car Photo Editing


High End Retouching


Headshot Retouching


Portrait Retouching


Newborn Photo Editing


We work with your time zone


No setup or hidden Charge


Pay and start instantly

Try One Week For Only $5


Success Stories



Freelance Photographer

Image Editing and Retouching

“Very high-quality work and gets the job done really quickly. Highly recommended. Will be back.”

Jacqueline N

Jacqueline N

Car photographer

Car Image Clipping Path and Retouch

Amazing clipping path, retouching, just what I needed, very fast response time, and speedy turnaround – Will definitely use again when I have any editing work come up – 100% recommend – Thank you

Charlotte H

Charlotte H

Product Photographer

Product Photo Retouching

“The team was a delight to deal with. He was patient, kind, and committed to fully understanding the project and what we needed – and the final result was great!”


We are looking forward to hearing from you regarding your photo editing project! Know us before you start working with us. We are available on phone calls, what’s up, over email, and video call through google meet and skype. Take this great opportunity to meet us now.


Tap/Click To Call



Tap/Click To Call




As a premier retouching company in the industry, we’ve gathered our top-rated, exceptionally skilled retouchers right here for you to select from. Choose from the best.

MD Shahidul Islam

MD Shahidul Islam

Founder & CEO

Clipping Photo Experts CEO and Founder, MD Shahidul Islam, is a highly skilled and experienced graphics designer.  Passed 17 years we have completed 14 million images for 6000+ clients over the world. Now we have 110+ professional and experts workers.

BM Saifuzzaman  (Sagar)

BM Saifuzzaman (Sagar)

Pro Product Retoucher

15 Years Experience in retouching and natural editorial, fashion, and apparel editing expert. and a free, innovative spirit.  Also, He is skilled in color correction, Image masking, and shadow creation.


Md Maruf Hossen

Md Maruf Hossen

Pro Retouching Experts

With 8 years of expertise in retouching jewelry, footwear, cosmetics, and eyewear, she possesses a meticulous attention to detail, ensuring every piece transforms into magazine-worthy perfection.

Preview of some of our work

Presenting our recent projects completed for top-tier brands, corporations, photographers, and editorial agencies worldwide.

shooes images clipping path service with background transparent

Work with us either on a per-image basis or for entire projects!

We’ve streamlined the process for you. Simply upload your images, specify your requirements, and receive them back within your preferred timeframe.


We cater to over 3000 businesses and process over 8,000 images daily with our editing and retouching services.


100% On Time Delivery

We’re just as committed to punctuality as you are

1 Hour Turnaround Time

Receive your images back in as little as 1 hour, even when dealing with hundreds of shots.

24/7 Roundabout Service

We’re available round the clock, 24/7/365, ensuring you make the most of your time. With over 100 retouchers at your service, anytime, anywhere.

Get a Free Trial

Upload two or three images as a free trial. Please explain to us what result you want to output. We will do tests within 45 minutes or less

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Build Your Team?

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How will Build Your Team, Help me improve?

This option is designed for organizations requiring bulk image processing and retouching. With guaranteed quality and efficient time management, partnering with us enables you to triple your production by creating your own team.

If I select a specific retoucher, will I consistently work with them? Or can I choose another retoucher?

Ultimately, the decision is yours. You have full control over who you collaborate with—whether it’s the same retoucher repeatedly or a new one each time. The power is in your hands to select your retouchers; that’s the central theme of this section. Our team of communication professionals ensures a rewarding experience for you.

What are the communication channels with my photo editor?

To streamline your experience, we’ll assign a dedicated communication expert to act as a liaison between you and your team, maximizing the efficiency of your time and budget. Whether you hire one team member or multiple, this service is included.

What communication channels do you use?

At Build Your Team, we favor WhatsApp, Skype, and Telegram for their versatile features including real-time text, video, voice chat, and file sharing. Its centralized platform is ideal for seamless communication among businesses, customers, teams, and partners. Nevertheless, we are flexible and open to using any communication channel of your choice. Simply inform us of your preference.

What's the revision limit per task?

As many as you need. Our retouchers provide task updates every business day, ensuring you’re informed of the progress. You’re welcome to request changes until you’re completely satisfied with the result.

What is the holiday policy?

We operate 24/7, 365 days a year. You can choose when to take a day off based on your needs and preferences.

How is my data privacy ensured?

At our company, safeguarding our customers’ privacy is of utmost importance. We employ stringent security measures to guarantee that any personal or business data you provide is kept completely secure and confidential. Rest assured, we never utilize your photos or information for commercial purposes, nor do we share your details with third parties without your explicit consent.

How can I verify if a retoucher is actively working?

Besides your close collaboration and oversight with our team, our associated team and communication experts will provide task updates and progress reports every business day. This ensures you remain informed of the progress and can request any necessary changes until you’re completely satisfied with the outcome.