Privacy Policy

Effective as of July 01, 2019

We aim to ensure our clients’ security and the integrity of their data and files to ensure the smooth, safe, and comfortable course of business relationships. Please read our Privacy Policy to learn more about how our company collects and uses data obtained from the website while protecting our clients’ integrity.

Feel free to contact us at with any questions you have pertaining to our Privacy Policies.

Contact Information

The Clipping Photo Experts does not permit other customers to have access to your contact details. Only our own team will have access to your contact info.
Data Collected
We may get from you the following information, which may include personal information:
Job title;
Company name;
Contact information such as email addresses, mailing addresses, and telephone numbers;
Vat registered number;
Company website;
Images for our services;
Demographic information such as postcode, preferences and interests;

We automatically collect web browser and usage information, such as your web browser and operating system type.
We do not collect or hold your billing or payment information, including your credit card and debit card info.

Users between 13 and 17 years of age are permitted to use this site. Clipping photo Experts do not collect any personal information from children 13 or younger.


All client images sent to us by Clipping Photo Experts are treated as our company’s property. We take no ownership of any submitted images and files.

We do not disclose customer images to search engine spiders. We secure servers to exchange files, and we do not publish client files to search systems and other external mechanisms. However, we don’t use your Free trial images as sample projects in our online gallery for commercial or any other purposes. We do not publish your photos on our website.

Resource Hacking

We have cybersecurity against hackers and utilize safe servers for file-transfer connections. We also restrict search engine robots from accessing our protected web servers.


As a large-scale clipping path agency, we have confidence in the power of teamwork that allows us to deliver the highest-quality service, solutions, and growth.

Quality is the rule – not the exception.

The quality is the first thing. The quality of performance is determined by the service brought to the customer after they have completed the assignments. It regards each assignment throughout the process. If it is completed before enrolling the final processed work, it is inspected by our team.

Our quality assurance process.

Quality assurance is an important part of any organization. It ensures that products and services are of high quality and meet customer expectations. In order to ensure the quality of our products, we use a variety of methods to check product samples and verify their accuracy. We also have a strict process for choosing suppliers, ensuring that they meet our standards.



Clipping photo experts are happily offering you a free trial to test our image editing and retouching service quality. 

Supervisor Level

Our own graphic designers work as supervisors and instructors to ensure the best services for all our customers. They are also available to work as a backup for any graphic designer in each one of our groups.

QA Team Level 1

When a designer completed his work, it was delivered to the quality assurance team. Another group then checked them using our customized software for errors and found if any. It was then sent to another team where Sr. Designers manually examined them as per user’s requirements.

Delivery Level Or Production Manager Level:

After that, it is sent to the customer service department who are uploaded to the customer’s FTP or email. This is how we guarantee the quality of every service level.

Additional QA Levels

We plan to give future generations the highest quality to promote the development of our employees, and thus we have competitive advantages including new skills, techniques, increased efficiency, lower expenses, and waste minimization.

Customer Satisfaction

We make sure our level of service revolves around maintaining our clients’ satisfaction. Once a quality assurance check reveals that customer satisfaction has dropped, we’ll make needed adjustments and schedule training sessions for our staff.

Project Management Level

Our project managers are typically tasked with managing various projects, steps, and best practices to achieve the best in quality management at each level.


Like other western offices, we work using paperless offices. Most of our workstations are energy-efficient and environmentally conscious. We also practice the minimization of waste and recycling.


We’re trying to discover the pros and cons of Business Process Outsourcing. We consider professional wages, environmental impact, and child labor when we’re deliberating about it. Our stance is your total approval.

Privacy Policy Updates

Please use our site in order to agree to our Privacy Consent and Terms and Conditions. If you require any additional info or have questions regarding our Privacy Consent, please get in touch with via electronic mail at